Build a tribe to scale your success


How did Steve Jobs get his revolutionary Apple products out to the world? How did Jack Ma grew Alibaba into one of the most valuable e-commerce platform in the world? Why Mark Zuckerberg was able to scale Facebook so quickly and reach over a billion users?

Have you ever wondered whether highly successful people were able to scale their business into multimillion dollar companies if they went solo all the way? HELL NO! Behind every successful individual is a dedicated team of people who believe in their leader enough to journey together towards the promise land, going through the ups and downs as a team!

We may have come across that documentary about how colonies of ants are able to kill and transport larger insects many times bigger than them over long distances back to their nest. The same analogy applies to the efforts of a team working towards a common goal.

When a leader has a vision and is able to find and mobilise the right people to see and believe in his vision, magic happens. These people become invigorated and empowered to work towards making that vision a reality. With people of different strengths and roles working as a unified team, capability and capacity increases many folds.

Create a vision and purpose

Every journey begins with a destination. Find what you are passionate about and build a vision and purpose around it. This end goal will become your "home" that you will always revisit whenever you or your tribe face challenges especially those that may seem too big to overcome. It will be your ultimate anchor to keep you focused and on track to reach the promised land.

Find the right people

Find, identify and recruit the right people to join you. Set specific criterias to qualify each individual so that the filter process is efficient. Defining the right kind of people to join your tribe should include individuals with the right mindset, values and traits that are aligned with yours.

Inspire and influence

Once you find the right people, make them believe in you and your vision enough to take action and support you all the way. Find ways to connect with them on a personal level and see how you can add value to their lives. Once their brainwaves is in-sync with yours, the power of belief and inspiration does it's magic to influence their actions to follow your lead.

Create a unified tribe

Each individual has their own unique set of skills and talents. Find the right roles for each person and play to their strengths to optimise output. Create cohesiveness and bonding within the team by creating activities and strategies that encourages the building of relationships and trust with one another.

Build momentum

Boast your tribe's confidence by creating incremental benchmarks and results every step of the way. The best way to convince people that your vision is working is by showing not telling. As start to see more results along the way, the more energised they are to do more.

Go the distance

Once you have fulfilled all the previous steps, its time to set lofty goals that pushes the boundaries of your tribe. There is nothing you can't achieve if heads, hearts and minds work together as one.

Team-like traits of MDWs

Here are some distinctive traits of MDWs in terms of teamwork:

  • MDWs fight battles together
  • MDWs always support each other no matter what
  • MDWs motivates, encourages and push each other to their limits
  • MDWs know they have each other's back

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