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MDW Trainers & Speakers

Kimble Ngo

Kimble Ngo is a Canadian author and speaker who has successfully started a string of companies over a period of 9 years. As an expert on the topic of empathy and communication, he empower leaders and help companies to build strategic relationships with the people who work with them to achieve remarkable results.

Veronica Pang

With over 30 years of experience in the global banking & finance industry, Veronica has amassed an impressive track record and earned a reputation as a respected private investment banker in her line of work. Among the numerous executive job positions she has held, she has worked for top global banking giants such as JP Morgan, UBS and Morgan Stanley. 

Han Ee Lim

Han Ee is a performance psychologist and mindfulness instructor who has been working with top level management staff for over 6 years. As an ex-Navy warfare officer in the Republic of Singapore for a number of years, he has witnessed the power of mental resilience to create effective changes and has mastered the art of control over the mind to influence actions.

MDW Advisory Board



A Singapore-based digital content marketing agency that grows targeted audiences of value for your brand.

MDW Social Partners



AMPLIFY INFLUENCE teaches the art of empathy to its clients. It reminds them to connect and put oneself into someone else’s shoes. The beauty of it is, with the right training and guidance an individual can become proficient at reading people, inspiring them and communicating with them.

MDW Corporate Partners



DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia. We are headquartered in Singapore, with a growing presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia. As a bank born and bred in Asia, we are well-positioned as your partner to capture opportunities across the region.

MDW Exclusive Partners

Work Central

At Workcentral, we love what we do – creating creative yet professional coworking space, and a fun and collegial work environment. Come join us as we build a vibrant, purpose-driven community that works, learns, shares and grows together. Our goal is to help you do your best work possible everyday.

MDW Associate Partners



We are the Singaporean chapter of the world’s largest youth-run non-profit organization, providing over 500 leadership experiences annually.

MDW Member Groups

MDW FB Group

Join our FB community as we discuss about things in life that matters most. Share your thoughts and posts about self-development among other related topics with members as we learn and grow together. From articles to pictures to videos, our FB community group is where the best content are curated and published!

Get to connect with likeminded people who have the same desires!

Influencing For Life Meetup Group

Influence is an important asset when it comes to connecting and engaging people. Like many MDWs who build their own tribe, they need the support of people who believe in their values and vision. Join us as we meet with others who share this same view and learn new ways you can become an anchor of influence for others to follow.

Confident Powerful Speaker Meetup Group

Did you know the one common fear most people have is public speaking? Discover the power of speaking to large audiences and how clear communication is vital to retain your audience's attenion. Meet people who are interested to master the art of becoming a powerful speaker.