Why Modern Day Warriors (MDWs) ?

Here at MDW Group, our tribe of successful mentors and trainers provide eager learners with skills and resources at their fingertips to navigate through all kinds of specific challenges and conquer their own fears. With a combined career experience of over 40 years, our mentors and trainers come from a diverse range of specialised fields such as banking & finance, technology and entertainment among other industries/sectors. 

MDW Bootcamp

Our flagship MDW program is a one-of-its-kind training program focused on strategic thought+action development to influence outcomes in our learner's favour. Combined with the learning of selected skill sets vital to real-world scenarios and proven personal coaching methods to facilitate the learning process, this bootcamp offers 9 core program modules that are bound to educate, empower and excite. Come and take your first step with us in becoming a MDW!  

MDW Workshops/seminars

We regularly conduct both paid and complimentary workshops/seminars with our venue partners for the public and special interest groups to facilitate and promote self-development and successful learning among everyone. These supplementary sessions are meant to not only educate but empower and excite people enough to take control of their lives and make their aspirations a reality.                               

MDW Social Initiatives 

As part of our vision to help the underprivileged to succeed, we set out on a mission to improve lives and inspire others to give back to society. This has taken us on a journey to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) among organisations and brands across industries, creating a new air of awareness for causes supported by our social partners. 

MDW Corporate & Consultancy 

Our team of experts and trainers have years of client management and consultancy experience in their respective fields, where we are able to advise and assist with matters pertaining to organisational goals, strategic management and process efficiency. We also provide customised corporate training tailored to the needs & requirements of each organisation's employees and its management. 

MDW Collaborations/Partnerships 

Our open-collaboration approach has led us to believe in strategic partnerships with organisations and brands of all kinds. We believe in working together to create new synergies that can ultimately benefit each party involved and the community as a whole. We welcome discussions and proposals related to partnership/collaboration matters. .