MDW Bootcamp

Our flagship MDW program is a one-of-its-kind training program focused on strategic thought+action development to influence outcomes in our learner's favour. Combined with the learning of selected skill sets vital to real-world scenarios and proven personal coaching methods to facilitate the learning process, this bootcamp offers 9 core program modules that are bound to educate, empower and excite. Come and take your first step with us in becoming a MDW!  


What is Modern Day Warriors (MDW)?

MDW is a tribe of likeminded people who embrace an exciting outlook in life and ditch the common mindset that the rest of us have. Mind you, they are not your ordinary folks. These individuals find inner strength and mental resilience to make things work in their favour no matter what the circumstances or challenges that lies before them. Nothing stands in their way!!! 

What is the MDW program all about? 

A 3-day program created specially for working professionals and young people who want a transformative change to their lives. So that they can maximise and realise their full potential. 
With 9 core modules and in-depth coaching from success experts, the program promises a transformative experience for every single individual that is both exciting and entertaining. 

Why should I attend the MDW course? 

Everyone wants to attain freedom in their lives and do the things they enjoy the most. If you had to choose, would you rather to: 1) stay trapped and not enjoy the things you really want to do OR 2) find a way to break the cycle and live life freely just the way you always wanted to? 

If there was an easy and cost-effective way where you could be guided and taught techniques and strategies to achieve your personal goals in life no matter what they may be, would you be willing to vanquish your fears and take that first step? 

What are the core features/benefits of the MDW program?

At MDW, we focus on achieving success with a holistic approach so that our participants get to enjoy an all-rounded and unforgettable experience.

Our program has been carefully structured in such a way that participants who undergo this course can easily apply techniques and strategies to their immediate challenges & situations to influence outcomes in their favour.

Apart from the countless benefits  participants can expect, here are the core features/benefits:

  • Master essential people skills
  • Learn solution-construct techniques & strategies
  • Discover the 40% potential rule
  • Meet like-minded people who care - mentors & fellow participants

And many more benefits!

Is the program for me?

Here at MDW, we believe everyone should have the chance to succeed in life. There is no obligation to attend this program. We always believe theres a right time in every person's life to decide if they want to take that first step towards a transformative change. People need to be able to see the benefits and be convinced that they have the potential to achieve the dreams they always wanted.

We can share with you all the benefits the whole day but hey, why do that when we can let our past participants talk about their own personal experience!

Here are a couple of reasons why our participants attend and love our program.

Ultimately, this program is for you if you…

  • are at crossroads in your life
  • want to become an influential and likeable person
  • are eyeing that job promotion or pay raise
  • want to start, save or grow your business
  • want to achieve life goals and dreams 
  • keen to strike off that item in your bucket list
  • want to repair or build relationships with your family and loved ones
  • want to find the love of your life 
  • want to leave a profound legacy for generations after you die 
  • just love to meet new and open minded people