Testimonies from participants

Joseph B | Senior Accountant, Celestica International

Joseph-Banjani-150I gained quite a lot of knowledge from the MDW program. It helped open my eyes to see how much more I could do to achieve the results I always wanted in my life. The speakers and facilitators did an incredible job in communicating clearly and cohesively, especially in discussing common work issues and problems in an enlightening manner.

Fiona H | Financial Analyst, Scotia Bank Canada

Fiona-H-150MDW seminar is an amazing talk. Speaker Kimble is a candid mentor and natural with words. This event certainly made an impact on a very important life decision that I had made. I would not trade that experience for anything.

Steven P | International Supply Chain Manager, Tol Logistics

Steven-P-150I have attended countless talks and career advancement seminars but none come close to the MDW seminar. I came out of it feeling totally motivated and inspired to take control of my destiny.


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