The unspoken power of confidence


Have you ever wondered why leaders are able to influence people to support their cause or vision? What's the main difference between the top and bottom salesperson in a company? Why do we feel that we can trust someone more than another even both have the same perceived credibility?

It all comes down to first impressions and how you present yourself in front of others. Its an unspoken truth that people tend to favour those whom they have confidence in. And usually when it comes down to work and business, people like individuals who posses/display power and confidence.

Confidence is the master key

The truth is - people consciously or unconsciously link confidence to value and authority. Becoming more confident about what you know, say or do can have a profound impact on your interactions with people and what people think of you.

To elaborate the difference between having/showing confidence and not having/showing it when dealing with people, below is a list of advantages vs disadvantages:

Benefits of showing confidence VS disadvantages of not showing confidence

  • People pay attention & listen VS people don't take you seriously
  • People introduce new opportunities VS people take advantage of you
  • People are optimistic about your capabilities VS people don't see value in you
  • People regard you highly VS people have low expectations and respect for you

Get your confidence going

Here are some tips on how you can display confidence like a true MDW:

  • Appearance - be well-groomed and have good posture
  • Authority - voice your opinions strongly and debate where needed
  • Initiative - be the first to act and take action
  • Communication - be someone who is good at putting messages across clearly so that the receiving party understand its immediately
  • Decisiveness - be swift and firm in decisions you make and actions taken; avoid being hesitant or procrastination

There you have it. The gist of becoming a high value person. Try these steps out and you are on your way to becoming a true MDW!

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